Encapsulate your baby's precious moments forever

Baby's First Year

Packages start from £70

Preserve the magic of your baby's first year in a heartwarming film. From their earliest moments, first smiles, crawling, to that memorable 1st birthday, our expert editing brings these cherished memories to life.

Watch their journey unfold in a beautifully crafted video capturing every precious milestone.

Discover What you’ll Receive

Immerse yourself in a 3–5-minute cinematic experience crafted from your home movies and optional photos. We welcome various formats, including digital files and classic formats like cine film and tapes.

Your film will boast a personalised music track, optional voice-over, corrected audio levels, vibrant colour enhancements, tasteful titles, engaging graphics, seamless transitions, and special effects.

Upon completion, you'll receive two digital movie files: one optimized for easy sharing on social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) and another in high-definition (HD) for viewing on TVs, computers, and projectors. Dive into your memories with a film tailored to your unique story.

Here is our Process

  • Effortless File Submission: Receive a simple, step-by-step document for online submission of your video and photo files.

  • Timely First Cut: Within 2 weeks, expect the first cut. Need it faster? Explore our speedy service options for an additional cost.

  • Flexible Amendment Round: Enjoy one round of amends - after receiving the initial cut, request as many changes as needed.

  • Post-Event Inclusions: After your baby's first birthday, if you wish to add the videos/photos from the special day, we will happily do this for you*

Contact Carla@Nozzyfilms.com to see more examples

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Roland Brown-Smith

"Nozzy Films was the perfect choice for creating a special birthday video for my son Otis' first birthday.

The task of organising an extensive collection of videos and photos was made easy with the simple and straightforward instructions provided by Nozzy Films.

Carla did an outstanding job of editing and curating the most precious moments and creating a heartwarming and emotional tribute to my son's first year of life.

The final video exceeded my expectations, despite many of my videos not being in landscape format or very long. I was worried it would pose a challenge, but Carla worked her magic and everything looks great on our TV.

My fiancée and I have watched the video countless times and it has brought joy to our family including Otis' grandparents who do not live locally.

I highly recommend Nozzy Films for anyone looking to create a meaningful and lasting memory."

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Amy Phillips

“So thrilled to have this wonderful film of Reuben’s first year- I can’t stop watching it! To have so many precious moments put together like this is heartbreakingly lovely and I know that I will be watching it for many years to come. The process was really easy and Carla so accommodating with all questions, requests and the technically challenged! I would recommend her and Nozzy Films in a heartbeat”

Turning Memories into Unforgettable Moments


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